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As an on-location photographer, the possibilities for your photo session are almost limitless!  The term "on-location" means that your photo session is held where YOU want to have it. If you don't have a location in mind, don't worry! The Charlotte area has many beautiful parks & locations perfect for your session.

Are you feeling adventurous? The beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains are only a couple hours away and has breath-taking views and stunning waterfalls that will provide unique portraits like no other!


Your session is custom tailored to achieve the vision in your mind. Overall, the experience has four distinct phases...

• The Planning Session

• The Photo Session

• The Ordering Appointment

• Delivery


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The purpose of the planning session is to determine how  we can achieve the photos you're looking for. Some of the things we will discuss...

• Why are you having photos taken? Is it a special occasion?

• Do you have a location already or are you looking for ideas? Have you considered locations outside of Charlotte?

• How do you plan to display your photos? A photo book that can be passed down as a family heirloom or gift for someone? Do you want a beautiful art piece to decorate the walls of your home? Or will you choose to purchase several digital images for future use?

The planning phase is the most important phase, as it helps to get everyone's ideas & expectations understood and reduces the chances of any misunderstandings.

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Believe it or not, the day of the photo shoot isn't as stressful as you may fear. Thanks to the planning session, the majority of what needs to be executed during your shoot has been discussed and both you & I know what the game plan is. Now you notice that I said "the majority", right? ;) The years I spent as a project manager taught me that you cannot plan for everything, so I try to be realistic about these things. 

Stuff will always happen but, it's my job to worry about it and come up with a solution...not yours! This is what you're paying a professional for. As my client, I want you to enjoy your time with me during your session so we achieve the best photos possible. This isn't going to happen if you're stressed or concerned about something during the shoot.


This is where the real fun & excitement is!

Here is where you see the edited images from the day of your session & choose which art product you'd like to have displayed in your home.

If you had chosen a wall hanging (i.e. framed print, canvas, etc) we can actually show you want the image will look like on the wall of your home! All we need is a photograph of the wall in your home where you're considering placing the artwork and we can show you want it will look like in just a few minutes.

If you chose a photo album, you will see the initial layout of the album and provide feedback to any changes you'd like to see before sending it to the lab.

Ala-cart digital files can also be selected at this time and will be provided via a USB drive at the end of the ordering session.


When your order has completed by our lab & delivered to us, we will inspect it to ensure you receive a quality product. Once satisfied, we will contact you and schedule a convenient time to deliver your artwork to you at your home. If you need assistance in hanging your wall art, we are happy to help...just let us know! 

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