What Drives Pricing?

Let's be honest, with the technological advancements today, almost anyone can take a great photo. So why do photographers charge so much? 

At the surface level a lot of people believe a professional photographer pockets the entire price of what they are charging. For some, that may be true. However, for those that treat photography like a business, they only actually get a fraction of the pricing you pay. The majority of it goes to overhead expenses (i.e. studio, website, hosting, equipment depreciation, insurance, retirement, etc), included gifts, and of course their time (and their assistants or second shooters time). 

Insurance? Yep...that's an important one. A lot of places like city parks, National Parks, certain venues, etc. require the photographer to have (and show proof of) insurance before being provided permission to photograph on their grounds. In some cases, this can be a $2M policy (yes, that's right, $2,000,000).  So, to prevent yourself from being in an embarrassing situation (or worse), verify that your photographer is insured and has the necessary approvals.  

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