About Me - Chad

I was born and raised in Southwestern Michigan and then moved to Fort Wayne Indiana to complete my degree in Mechanical Engineering. After graduating I spent several more years in Fort Wayne and ultimately met my wife. In 2011 my wife and I escaped the frigid winters of the Midwest and moved to Charlotte, North Carolina. 

The relocation to the Charlotte area wasn't by chance. We targeted this area specifically because of the closeness to the Great Smoky Mountains. I have always loved the outdoors since I was young, and I am a very adventurous individual (something my wife and I share). While living in Indiana, we would take several trips a year to "Our Mountains" (the Smoky's) to hike & raft in the beauty of the mountains and experience the South.

Once we moved here, we took an intro class in rock climbing and instantly became hooked. Since 2011, we've climbed throughout the US and recently made our second trip to Yosemite Valley in California. Our weekends are spent climbing at local areas as there are many great places close by Charlotte. 


Throughout all our adventures, I've had a camera by my side to capture those moments. Being someone who strives for perfection, the desire to capture "the shot" increased with every click of the shutter. I began taking classes and reading books to hone my skills and perfect my talents as a photographer. 

Having a love for the outdoors tends to mean you enjoy landscape photography. For me, this couldn't be truer. There is so much beauty in this amazing world that one lifetime simply isn't enough to see all of it. One of the greatest challenges when photographing great landscapes, is capturing the feeling your experiencing at that moment, within that photograph, for someone else to feel. Trying to represent the beauty you're witnessing is hard enough, but trying to capture that feeling is a challenge all landscape photographers face. 

Through my photography journey I learned that I enjoyed capturing the moments of friends and others pushing their limits in adventure sports. I also realized that that I enjoy portrait photography and have expanded my photography to include it.

The feeling that comes from someone excited by an image I captured is almost on par with climbing to the top of a mountain that you weren't sure you could. 

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